Striving For the Faith of the Gospel PDF

God’s word build our lives, we are built through the word, our lives are molded by God through His word, so if you do not get His word you’ll be disadvantaged in life because He uses His word to build your Spirits, God has no other way to do it, that’s His only way.

Philippians1:27-30; Philippians 4:3

I want to explain to you in this message what your role is as a child of God in this gospel. God has a program for this church and each one of us has a role to play In phil.4:3-5, He’s not just letting us know about a certain group of people who are supposed to labor but that these ones did it, but they weren’t the only ones who have the responsibility of laboring in the gospel.

Now He didn’t say participate in the faith of the gospel, He’s talking about laboring in the faith of the Gospel, striving for the faith of the gospel, in other words for the progress of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Striving together, not striving against each other, working together. When it talks about laboring, it’s talking about things that you go through, things that you have to do because of the gospel.

We are not only called to believe in Jesus Christ, but also to suffer for His sake. Nobody suffers for His faith in sickness; God doesn’t call you to get sick suffering, but you could over work yourself for the sake of the gospel and get sick.

There’s a man in the bible that got sick that way, one of Paul’s companion, so we ought to be careful how we work what we work so that we don’t get sick, because God doesn’t want you sick, He’s not even talking about being poor. There are not too many people against churches in messages of prosperity, what most people are against is materialism, when God’s children become materialistic.

There is a great difference between materialism and prosperity, because all the guys who condemn prosperity people go to work, they also want to make money and then out of seven days a week they go to work at least 5 or 6days some even go to work the 7thday and they are mad against people who preach that God wants to give to you what they

Are striving for all their lives we think that the kind of things you have

Defines your prosperity, but having houses, cars, companies etc. is not a sign of prosperity, but God want you to have all of that. God doesn’t want to give us the best because Heal ready did, He wants us to learn to give it away, but we haven’t go ten this thing yet and a lot of people who talk prosperity hardly ever part with anything and that’s their trouble.

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August 5, 2019

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