How to Get Free Ebooks Legitimately in 2020

How to Get Free Ebooks Legitimately in 2020

As an author, and an individual that enjoy reading, I usually spend more money than I would like to admit on ebooks, books and audiobooks. I love reading them because it helps me hone my skills as a writer and professional as well.

This article is aimed at share with you legitimate ways of downloading free kindle books, including how to get the new, trending or popular ebooks as well. This discovery saved me a lot of money and I hope it can save you money too.

These methods for how to download eBooks legitimately for free (or practically free) and the detailed steps are explained in detail below.

In this article, you will understand the following:

  • Steps to download free electronic books legally.
  • Steps to find new releases, classics, trending and bestselling ebooks for free.
  • Please note that this article is not aimed at undermining any author or their works.

Below are the steps to get your hands on excellent eBooks legitimately and safely without having to spend lots of money

1. Top Platforms

Top Platforms like Amazon, Google Play, and Kobo have sections in their store where they display free ebooks for their users, known in the permafree, and also looks at the price of zero usually for promotional purposes.

Using this step, you can access a ton of non-fiction and fiction, including trending & popular books looking to increase in the sales metrics.

Below is the exact locations for those free ebook sections on top three web platforms:

2. Amazon Prime Free Ebook Trial

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An Amazon Prime membership If you already have one is a service known for shipping over 100 million products directly to your doorstep in two days or less, on this web platform you can read free books too.

The Amazon Prime Reading is a platform that gives Prime members access to unlimited thousands of books, comics, magazines and books with audible narration. With or without even if you don’t have a Kindle device, you can access Amazon’s free Kindle books with the Kindle apps which is available on iOS and Android platforms

If you’re seeking an Amazon Prime and you don’t have, you can get a free trial for 30 days to enjoy all the benefits, including borrowing free kindle books for a month.

3. Free Ebook at Kobo

Kobo gives you access to free Ebooks, creating an account Kobo will give you ultimate access so can get $5 towards your first book that would obvious costs greater than $5.01, including trending books, new releases and bestsellers. Kobo currently has over 5 million ebooks on its platform to choose from. This platform offers to search by genre, new release, or see what’s trending now to pick out your practically free book from Kobo.

This Kobo offers various opportunities for an individual to make money from the web platform as well. If you join their referral program at kobo, you can earn a commission to earn money.

I hope these web platforms shared various legitimate ways in which you can get free ebooks.

 So enjoy all free book offers “readers are leader” make an impact share this article with your friends, email list of fans, and followers.

You’ll make them happy!


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