The essence of Christianity PDF

This is PDF material to increase growth as a Christian discussing the essence of Christianity, because It pays to listen because you are going to hear something that the spirit of God has prepared just for you, I believe God is a personal God and He relates to every one of us in a special way, because He’s done that with me and I don’t think that I was more special than anybody else but I am special, because I am the only one of me that have ever come to the planet earth and that will ever come to the planet earth.

Nobody was ever like me and nobody will ever be like me, I’m just me replace and God doesn’t have another like me; He can’t replace me, He can’t make another me and that’s true about you; there’s nobody like you, that’s why God can’t give up on you because He doesn’t have another one, you are unique. See there’s a way you praise God and nobody can praise God that way, there’s a voice you’ve got and nobody can have it; there’s just something about you.

You are unique, that’s why you have to give it all to God. There’s fighting when people compare their abilities, there’s fighting when people compare their talents, all that is canal but when you see that you give your abilities and yourself to Him, and give all you’ve got to Him and then He blesses it, and it becomes His; like Moses who brought His rod to God and God said put the rod down and He put it down and it turned into a serpent and God said pick it up and He picked it up and it turned again into the rod. And God said go to Egypt with that rod and works signs and wonders, and the bible says “Moses took the rod of God in His hands”, it became the rod of God.

You are your mummy’s or your daddy’s’ but when you are born again, you’ve come to know that you don’t belong to you now; you are bought with a price. If you can sing sing good, but you don’t sing better that so and so because that is the way God wants your voice, and that’s the way he wants to use it. You are unique, nobody is better than you because you are you in your class; nobody can be compared to you.

Did you read that Jesus said “every strand of your hair has a code number”? the one that fell sown this morning, you didn’t care about it but God has marked in His record that it fell down on such and such a day, at such and such a time, God has the record, you might think it’s irrelevant but you don’t know what it’s for, if God numbered them then that means He has a reason for it; who knows what signals they can transmit, they may have something to do with your personality.

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August 9, 2019

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