10 List of Websites That Host Pirated eBooks 2020

This article is aimed at stating the list of websites that host most pirated ebooks in 2020. The Attributor which is an online service that helps book publishers and news websites keep tracking illegal or pirated copies of their content on other websites.

According to the Intellectual Property Office’s based on the latest study of online copyright infringement, 17% of ebooks read online are usually pirated – around 4m books.

 Just over a quarter (26%) said they had pirated books in the past, while 5% said they currently pirate books.

The service recently released a report stating the list of website that host pirated ebooks saying that the sales impact of book piracy is at highest in the category of Business and Investing, Professional and Technical and Science categories.

This article would state the top 10 website according to Attributor from where anyone can download ebooks without having to pay any share to the book publisher. The list also includes popular website sites like Scribd.com, DocStoc and WattPad.

  1. rapidshare.com – 35.6%
  2. 4shared.com – 32.7%
  3. esnips.com – 7.4%
  4. uploading.com – 3.7%
  5. mediafire.com – 2.4%
  6. hotfile.com – 2.1%
  7. megaupload.com – 2.1%
  8. scribd.com – 2.0%
  9. depositfiles.com – 1.5%
  10. filefactory.com – 1.2%

With 4m or 17% of all online ebooks being pirated, as stated by the guardian novelists such as  Maggie Stiefvater and Samantha Shannon say theft by fans puts their books at risk

Also describing piracy, they stated that  ‘[Piracy]’s a reality of modern publishing’ also leading a chorus of writers warning readers to stop downloading free ebooks, that if they download pirated ebooks, then authors will not be able to continue writing because they will be unable to make a living from their published books.

Are you a publisher and your ebook has been pirated online, please state the website in the comment section below

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